iTunes iCons

I always found the iTunes icon ugly, not so much hideous, but more of an un-apple like decadent application of gloss and shine.  Back then it was green on a CD, and I was on windows XP.  When I switched to the mac something odd happened though, the icon got uglier.  The Mac’s better icon handling and crisper detail revealed how odd the icon was.  First of all, the CD was some sort of archaic throwback that apple held onto.  I found it odd that iTunes was using a CD for an icon when the application itself is focused on digitizing your music collection.  Well, I found icons throughout the internet but was never happy with their designs for one reason or another.  Often times the icons were only 256×256 or lower.  Well, never again.  I designed these for myself, but if someone can use them then all the better.  The icons are all 1024px and are vectorized so that they can be scaled later if need be.  I have included both the PNG and ICNS files so that all platforms can make use.

You can get the files here:

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