applications that I need to live

This post is going to be dedicated to a group of applications that are all freeware, and absolutely phenomenal at what they do, generally lightweight, and very stable.

Cyberduck [mac]

Cyberduck is an excellent mac only FTP client.  It allows for the editing of files on the server and saving their updates in an external application.  I would also like to mention that development is quite fast paced, and very well maintained.  A final note, this application scores extra points for having an awesome dock icon.

get it from here:

Smultron [mac]

Smultron is an excellent lightweight text editing application.  It is straight forward to use yet quite feature rich.  Imagine an amped up version of your basic notepad/textedit.  If you feel like the text editing application you are currently employing is missing a feature, take a look at smultron.

get it from here:

VideoLan Client (VLC) [mac/pc/linux]

Ever get a video or audio from somewhere and receive an error that it could not be opened, or a window prompting you to choose the application.  VLC is able to open pretty much any file you throw at it, and is used as the backend for a lot of other freeware applications.

Get it here:

Handbrake [mac/pc/linux]

Handbrake is one of the best applications to use for shifting the format of content.  Have a DVD that you want to put on your iPod/iPhone/iNewDevice, use Handbrake.  Have a video file that you want to transcode to a smaller size/audio quality/container format.  The newest version of Handbrake brings that application an even greater level of stability and ease of use.

Get it here:

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