using your wordpress powered simpleviewer photography site

Once your wordpress based site with galleries powered by wp-simpleviewer is setup it is super easy to create galleries and be on your way.

Step 1

  1. Launch your FTP client (cyberduck for mac and filezilla for PC)
  2. navigate to the following folder
    • –> wp-content –> photos
  3. name your folder of JPEGs something appropriate (portrait, dogs, cats, product7, etc)
    • avoid using characters and other funky naming systems
  4. drag and drop your folder of JPEGs to the photo directory you found in step 2

Step 2

  1. Launch your web browser
  2. navigate to
  3. select “wp-sv galleries” from under the media heading on the left sidebar
  4. select the radio button of the gallery that you would like to generate
  5. select create gallery
  6. allow the browser to sit and wait undisturbed until a yellow box appears that says “yeah we are done” at the bottom

Step 3

  1. Select create new page under Pages on the left sidebar
  2. select the first button above the formatting bar
    • the icon looks like a gallery and when hovered over says wp-simpleviewer
  3. select the desired gallery
  4. select insert into post
    • if you desire a statement below/above the gallery you can input text accordingly either below or above the line of code that is inserted in step 3
  5. over on the upper right side of the screen you can select privacy settings
    • private prevents the page from appearing linked on your site
    • password will apply a password that you choose
    • public will appear in the navigation of your site
  6. when you are ready select publish.

Enjoy your new site.For visual people there is a screencast of this process available at

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