one pot greens and beans

There is little that warms up a cold night, or fills the comfort food need without being terrible for one, like a big bowl of greens and beans.


  • 2 or 3 shallots
  • 3 cloves of fresh garlic
  • olive oil
  • large head of escarole
  • 2 cans of canellini beans
  • chicken stock
  • water
  • white wine
  • basil
  • oregano
  • finely grated parmesan


  1. lightly coat the bottom of the pot with olive oil
  2. finely chop and sauté the garlic and shallots together
  3. add the escarole and a good splash of wine, don’t worry about the water on the escarole from washing, it will help to make broth. Only use the leafy parts of the escarole, avoid the hard structural stem pieces.
  4. stir the greens and garlic combination together until the greens are tendered and a rich dark green
  5. add the thoroughly rinsed beans to the mix
  6. add water and stock to taste and texture
  7. add basil and oregano to taste

Ladle into warmed bowls and serve sprinkled generously with the parmesan. Best enjoyed with friends and family, and then the next day for lunch!

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