cheap popcorn

What is better than fresh movie theatre popcorn, not that waxy junk that comes in bags loaded with chemicals that most megatheatres have. Then along came microwave popcorn, great! Well maybe not that great, it is really expensive, and yet worse, it can actually be bad for you. Lets be honest though, paying close to 5 dollars for 6 bags of popcorn isn’t that bad, but what if I told you you could buy an insane amount of really cheap, healthier, that would tast even fresher? Well here it is…

Buy popcorn, the stuff in the bag on the bottom shelf that is 99 cents for 2 pounds. Drizzle a pan with a lid with cooking oil and throw in about 3 Tbsp. of kernels. Throw on medium high and cover and wait. Then, POP!

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