the coffee basics

In a society revolving at whirlwind speed we seem to all gather on our last remaining performance enhancing drug: caffeine.  Sadly, it has come to gas station coffee; the equivailant to a junkies dirty needle.  For those looking to save a buck and make it at home you can be rewarded very handsomely.  Before you run out and buy the uber-mega-buck grinders and espresso machines you need to learn the basics.

  1. before doing anything else, check your water quality if you wouldn’t drink it as it came out of the faucet, you shouldn’t use it for coffee.  Also remember to use cold water, as it picks up less junk from pipes and all.
  2. make sure your coffee is fresh, and equally importantly, a roast you actually like.  For years I was convinced that I loved dark roast coffee, when in reality I actually liked the taste of properly brewed light roast coffee more, it was just that all of the properly brewed coffee I had ever experienced was dark roasted and vice versa.
  3. Take a little time to learn your machines and actually enjoy making the coffee.  Have some friends over and kick back with coffee and just talk.
  4. Make it fun!  Buy some old teacups at a thrift store and go classy, or get a giant thick mug to keep it warm while you work.  Don’t let people pressure you and enjoy the drink the way you like it.

The final tip that actually inspired this whole tip was to remember to warm your cups first.  I let mine sit filled with scalding hot water while i brew the coffee so that when i am ready to start sipping it is nice and hot.

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