The Great Escape

You would think that in this day in age it would not be difficult to switch between technologies and applications and platforms.  After all you can open a word document on a mac now, but that aside, you can virtualize windows on a mac.  With all of that explained, there is still no way to export your address book from AOL.  I don’t use AOL, I don’t condone the use of AOL, I hate AOL.  That said, until this week my mom was still stuck in AOL because she could not remove her contact list and move it to a better option.  I looked into it so we could get her using

You start by following the directions here –>

Once you have your LDIF file in step three you need to import it into the windows address book (start–> accessories –> address book).  From here you can either use it in windows, or proceed to the mac.  Select the contacts that you want to put on the mac and click and drag them to a folder on your computer.  The files will be copied as vCards which can be used by Thunderbird or

Tah Dah!

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